Ozone in cut flower, agricultural monitoring in relation to uses and benefits in this crop

Follow-up carried out at the "El Portugés" farm located in Chipiona, a benchmark in the cut flower sector.

Improved root development of the oriental Lilium variety, treated with ozone

Improved root development of the variety (Oriental Lilium) treated with ozone Contact us »

In general, Pilar is quite happy with the result of treating her crop with ozone, she has found improvements in general and savings in chemical products, offering a quality product in her cut flower crop of astromelias (Alstroemeria sp. ), oriental (Lilium oriental) and OT (Lilium OT, hybrid oriental)

Throughout the campaign they have used ozone in different sporadic treatments. He used ozone to disinfect and regenerate the peat before using it as a substrate for inducing bulbs, in irrigation with the aim of disinfecting and oxygenating soils in addition to maintaining pipes and drippers are cleaned, along with foliar treatment through ozone sprinkler irrigation to control diseases and pests.

Pilar Reyes - head of the nursery, tells us about her experience with ozone.

-During the first planting stage the astromelia plant was disinfected with ozone, which caused savings in time and money, saving the chemical products that we used, since the chemical treatment is slower.

-The oriental flower bulbs came with virus problems, we managed to control it with ozone, we induced the bulbs in the peat stored from the previous year, which we had previously disinfected with ozone. In this way we can reuse the peat and disinfect it.

-In the entire greenhouse, in general, we have noticed that the whitefly is controlled, since every year we had to deal with traps. fixed

-In conclusion, we have noticed an improvement in the quality of the product, commented by our regular buyers. Thickening of the stem, rigidity, color, good size of the plant and speed of growth.


Alejandro Mateos - Biologist from the agricultural division of ZonoSistem comments with Pilar Reyes on the evolution of cut flower cultivation. Contact us »

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