Ozone for Process and Washing Water

Ozone solutions to disinfect process and washing water.

Ozone systems to treat volumes or flows of water, in tank or pipe with venturi or bubbler.

Solutions and Services available in washing and process waters

Ozone for ultrapure, osmosis and distilled water tank

Osmosis water is frequently used in all kinds of food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as a basis for preparing recipes. Ozone is an excellent ally for maintaining the hygiene and disinfection levels of these waters, since its disinfection capacity is very high, with the advantage that it has a low residual effect, it is generated in situ, it is not transported or stored.
Ozone allows you to disinfect osmosis water, with the maximum guarantees, but reducing the risks of altering your recipe, it also works automatically and its installation is simple. You only need to connect it to the tank to be treated and a light point.

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Ozone for fire protection tank

The maintenance of fire systems is of vital importance and must comply with the provisions of Royal Decree 865/2003, which establishes the hygienic-sanitary criteria for the prevention and control of legionellosis.

The objective of ozone is to guarantee the microbiological quality of the water, and thanks to ozone it keeps the system in perfect condition, so that when the installation is used, there is no spread of the dreaded legionella.

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Ozone for cooling towers

A major problem in cooling towers is Legionella proliferation due to changes in water temperature. Chlorine is traditionally used in combination with other descaling chemicals, however this involves chemical storage, transportation, management, labor, etc.

With an ozone system in your cooling tower, you can disinfect water, pipes and tanks very effectively and quickly. In addition, ozone is not transported or stored, it is generated on site, and its installation is very simple. It also removes biofilm, reduces COD, BOD, Turbidity, color and odor from the water. Ozone is a powerful solution for disinfecting cooling towers.

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Ozone for CIP bottling and food industries

Ozone is frequently used in bottling and food plants, as a CIP system. Ozone guarantees the total sanitation of the pipes, without leaving residues. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, but only for a few minutes, later it transforms into oxygen and leaves no residue. This allows you to disinfect effectively and efficiently without leaving residues, reducing the use of chemicals, water consumption, energy, number of rinses, chemical storage and management. In addition, the rejection of the cleaning will not contain any chemical, favoring the operation of the WWTP that is responsible for managing this discharge.

A highly efficient technology that saves time and money and with the minimum environmental impact

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Ozone for washing vegetables, fruits and vegetables

The final quality of a perishable product and its commercial life time is determined by the hygienic sanitary conditions that are established in the process of handling it, the more microbiological load the food has on its surface, the greater its rate of decomposition.
Therefore, the quality of the water in the rinsing and washing of fruits and vegetables is crucial for the quality of the product, since it is one of the final stages of the handling process.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant, but with low residual effect, this allows it to disinfect without leaving residues, very useful for disinfecting washing and rinsing water for vegetables. In addition, ozone is generated in situ, it does not need to store or manage chemicals.

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Ozone for flushing and surface cleaning

Ozone is a natural compound that, when combined with water, forms a powerful ecological disinfectant in a liquid state, leaving no residue, no toxins, no smells, no flavors.

In the food industry, after the daily production process, the facilities that must be left clean and sanitized for the next day are contaminated. Ozone avoids chemicals used in the disinfection of floors and facilities.

It is extremely fast and effective when it comes to eliminating viruses, bacteria, fungi, moulds, spores and odors in the environment, without using additional chemical products. You can spray walls, floors, furniture, utensils, food

The ozone is generated on site and injected into the water to disinfect surfaces.

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Ozone for wine barrels

One of the main problems of disinfecting barrels is to safely eliminate microorganisms attached to the wood that could adulterate the maturation process of the new wine, as well as its smell, taste and appearance, without contaminating the barrel or leaving residues that could also spoil the wine maturation process.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, which destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds very quickly... it differs from other disinfectants in that it does not leave any type of residue or contaminant, it does not harm the wood and it can be applied in combination with air and with water.

Ozone is widely used in the wine industry when cleaning and disinfecting barrels, it is a highly oxidizing gas, it penetrates the wood and sanitizes it in depth, eliminating odors and flavors from subsequent fillings.

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Ozone for Textile Laundry

The use in laundries with ozonized water is an efficient technique in full swing, full of advantages for the owner and the environment

Advantages of the treatment:

  1. Reduced consumption of detergents.

  2. Reduction of the washing temperature.

  3. Reduction of washing times.

  4. Reduction of water consumption.

  5. The pH of the wastewater close to neutral.

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