Ozone Applications in Agriculture

Solutions with Ozone to protect and enhance agricultural crops.

Ozone treatments for agricultural irrigation and foliar treatment.

Ozone treatments available for agriculture

Ozone Foliar Treatment  

Ozone Foliar Treatment

Install an ozone generator in your atomizer, nebulizer or sprayer and reduce the consumption of phytosanitary products in your crop and accelerate healing

Manage to sanitize your crop and reduce diseases and losses, filling the tank only with water. The equipment generates ozone in-situ, and injects it into the water. When the ozone levels are adequate, you just have to spray the plant. You can also monitor and control the system from the tractor cabin from your Android mobile or Tablet, through bluetooth communication.

Save money, reduce the chemical pressure of your harvest and obtain higher quality products.

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Ozone Irrigation pipe

Install an ozone generator in your irrigation pipe, improve the quality of the irrigation water, eliminate pathogens, reduce losses, enhance the crop with an extra supply of oxygen as well as avoid clogging in drippers and pipes.

By reducing waterborne diseases, you will achieve a more profitable crop. Save time and money by avoiding blockages in drippers and pipes due to the accumulation of biofilm, boost your crop by providing extra oxygen to the plant.

A few days after starting the treatment you will notice the results.

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Ozono Depósito de riego

Install an ozone generator in your irrigation water tank, and increase the quality of the water before watering.

If you have a tank or a cistern with water for irrigation, you can do the treatment directly in the tank, recirculating with the ozone plant and maintaining a constant level of ozone. In this way you can maintain the disinfection of the water, the tank and the pipes, eliminate biofilm from the pipes and blockages in drippers and filters, and increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen.

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Ozone irrigation pond

Install an ozone generator in your irrigation pond, to improve the oxygen level and prevent eutrophication and the appearance of algae, and to control invasive species such as the zebra mussel.

It is usually combined with an aeration system. In addition to improving water quality and reducing diseases and waste, ozone allows you to reduce and control dreaded invasive species such as the zebra mussel or the Asian clam. Many irrigation communities serve organic crops and animal consumption, so the use of chemicals is increasingly penalized. Save time and money and try an ozone system.

You can increase the profitability of your crop, without using labor and without accumulating chemicals.

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