Ozone for Swimming Pools and Water Parks

Ozone solutions for public and private pools, indoor and outdoor.

Ozone systems to treat swimming pools by injection in the pipe, or recirculation in a compensation tank.

Solutions and services available for Swimming Pools and Water Parks

Ozone for Swimming Pools

Treat your pool with ozone, and you will notice the difference. Ozone is a powerful water purifier and disinfectant, with low residual effect. It is very powerful, but only for a few minutes. The ozone is also generated in situ, and it works automatically, you just need to connect it to the recirculation pipe and provide it with a light point.

Ozone in your pool reduces chlorine consumption, reduces chloramines, trihalomethanes, eliminates viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds, reduces COD; BOD, turbidity, color and odor of the water. Provides clean, crystal clear water with no tastes or odors. Prevents the release of chloramines into the environment and the unpleasant odor in indoor pools.

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Ozone for Water Parks

Water parks are characterized by handling large amounts of water, and keeping the water disinfected and clean entails a high economic and resource cost, such as space, chemical storage and labor.

With ozone you can disinfect the waters with the maximum guarantees and the minimum effort. Ozone is generated on-site, and is applied instantly, not stored or transported. It works fully automatically, reduces chemical consumption and labor.

Ozone is a really profitable technique when large volumes of water need to be treated. Ozone not only disinfects, it also purifies, reduces water contaminants, improves turbidity, color and odour.

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