Ozone water analysis service

We put at your disposal our laboratory for piloting water with ozone.

We can calculate the dose of ozone and contact times necessary to reduce the contaminants in the water to the desired levels, before making the investment.

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Juan Ortínez - Responsable de laboratorio

Fully equipped laboratory

We have a laboratory equipped with the latest technology in ozone generation and measurement of a wide spectrum of pollutants.

The staff in charge is highly qualified and motivated.

"Send us your water sample and we calculate how much ozone you need, before you make the investment"

Results report

For each piloting we deliver a report of conclusions, where we detail the results obtained, in a visual and understandable way. We calculate your maximum performance point, so that you do not make unnecessary investments and with guarantees.

Results report

Tailor-made analysis

We offer our clients different pilotage levels depending on the parameters to be studied and the level of need.

Results report

Quality and precision

ZonoSistem also applies ISO quality standards in its ozone water monitoring laboratory, and has a strict commitment to the reliability and precision of all its ozone measurement and generation processes.

Results report

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