Ozone Technical Services

We provide technical service for the installation, start-up and maintenance of our ozone generation systems, wherever it is needed.

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Sergio Ceballos | Chief Engineer

Fast and efficient

We support hundreds of industries spread all over the world. Sergio Ceballos, our Head of Technical Service, together with his team of highly qualified technicians, ensure that the equipment is always in perfect working order. Our service is fast and efficient.

Installation and commissioning service

Our technicians and engineers travel wherever necessary to install and start up our equipment and ozone generation systems.

Installation and commissioning service

Assistance Service 24/7

ZonoSistem provides technical service to its customers 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. We work with the main industries of the market at an international level and the level of demand and efficiency required is very high. Of course we are up to it.

Installation and commissioning service

Maintenance services

We design and execute preventive maintenance plans tailored to the needs of each client and we work together with the maintenance departments of the industries in which our ozone generation systems are installed.

Installation and commissioning service

Repair of other brands

In recent years, ZonoSistem has been providing maintenance and repair services for other industrial-level ozone generator brands. We have extensive knowledge of ozone systems currently on the market.

Installation and commissioning service

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