HIDROGP 90.20 EPS Portable Ozone Hydrocannon

Internal Reference: FABHGP.0001

HIDROGP 90.20 EPS Portable Ozone Hydrocannon

Ozone hydrocannon with compressor, oxygen concentrator, hydraulic tank, recirculation pump, venturi and PLC control. 20 gO3/h to 65 g/Nm3. 230V, 50Hz, 1000W.

Portable Hydro Ozone Cannon of state-of-the-art technology, compact and robust, which provides highly ozonated water thanks to the silent corona discharge technology, cooled by air with a powerful capacity of dissolution of ozone in water. Built with the highest qualities, this ozone generator provides a constant high-concentration ozone flow in both air and water. Robust, durable and reliable equipment.

Highly recommended
2 years warranty (expandable if you have a maintenance contract)
Manufacturing in 10 days

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Portable Ozone Generator

Technical specifications

What is it used for?

To dose ozone in a water tank, maintaining a constant ozone concentration. Used to disinfect and purify water, tanks, pipes and surfaces with its integrated pressure gun. Ozone is an excellent disinfectant, which allows you to maintain hygiene in both water and pipes. Also used for air treatments.

Product Details

What´s included

Ozone Generation system A 20 gO3/h Module with borosilicate dielectric. air cooled
Compressed air unit Pre-filter + Compressor + filter + refrigerant dryer
Oxygen concentrator Two-column activated alumina concentrator, 95% purity
Ozone Dilution System Composed of pump, venturi and anti-return safety system
Control By PLC 4.3" Touch, with recipe manager, daily programmer, PID control, alarm and maintenance manager.
Sensors Amps in Ozone, Compressed Air Pressure, Oxygen Pressure and Flow, Ozone Leaks, Door Opening. Redox control, maximum and minimum pressure switch in tower, manometer. Optional dissolved ozone sensor.
Technical Valves Outlet ozone electrovalve, Oxygen flowmeter with manual regulation. Stainless steel 316L motorized safety anti-return valve on the venturi.
Included in the packaging INOX pressure gun with 3 nozzles + Handheld spectrophotometer + Ozone destroying masks + 4 meters of 8mm Teflon tube + User Manual

Technical features

Ozone Production 20 gO3/h
Ozone concentration Maximum = 100g/Nm3
Optimum = 65g/Nm3
Air/Oxygen flow 5 lpm
Power supply 230V, 50-60Hz
Electric Power 1000 W
Hydraulic connection 33mm outer tube
Dimensions 715 x 710 x 1150 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Packed size 1050 x 1050 x 1450 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Weight 90kg | Packed 175 Kg

Working Conditions

Humidity <90%
Room temperature 5-40ºC
Hydraulic Working Pressure Between 0 and 6.5 bar
Fluid temperature 5-40ºC
Fluid freatures Ǿ Solids < 1mm; Suspended solids (SS)<150mg/l; Density = 1 g/cm3 ± 5%
Working pressure 0 - 0,4 bar

Room fittings

The room must be well ventilated, and provide an extraction system in case of leaks. Install sign with safety warnings. It is recommended that the room have a drainage box.

Additional Information

Made by ZonoSistem
Made in Spain
Sold from 2015
Last revision 2021
Certificates CE, BIOCIDA PT2, PT4, PT5, PT11
Warranty 2 years extendable indefinitely, with maintenance contract
UFI number G000-W09P-Y00M-TV8V


This ozone plant includes a touch screen from which you can easily and intuitively program different treatments throughout the day, using a recipe planner. When the unit receives a start command, the refrigeration circuit is activated, and the compressor starts up, takes air from the atmosphere, is filtered, dries and introduced into the PSA, where nitrogen is removed from the air, and the oxygen is concentrated to a purity of 95%. This flow of oxygen is conducted to the generation core, where the corona discharge is applied and the oxygen is transformed into ozone. With the oxygen flow meter you can regulate the desired flow. The recirculation pump takes water from the tank, and the ozone generated is injected into the venturi, returning a highly ozonated water to the tank, where it is homogenized and reacts with the pollutants. In this way you can disinfect the water, the tank and the pipes.

Included documentation

  • Safety manual.

  • User manual, installation and commissioning.

  • Maintenance manual.

  • Declaration of Conformity.e Conformidad.

  • Warranty Certificate.

  • Compliance with biocidal regulations.

  • Our Quality Test results.


This ozone generator uses high frequency corona discharge technology with ceramic dielectric.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

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