GX500-LB Commercial Ozone Generator

Internal Reference: FABGAMGX.0004

GX500-LB Commercial Ozone Generator

Ozone generator with low production and ozone concentration with electronic control by Mobile App. Ozone production of 500 mgO3/h. 110V, 50Hz, 60W.

Ozone generator of latest technology, with electronic control and Mobile App. It works from pre-filtered ambient air. The equipment has 8 programs from least to most intense. It also includes 2 other programs for shock treatment without people. It also has a bluetooth mode with which it is possible to configure to choose between different time slots of the week according to need. Robust, durable and reliable equipment.

Highly recommended
2 years warranty (expandable if you have a maintenance contract)
Manufacturing in 10 days

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Commercial Ozone Generator

Technical specifications 

What is it used for?

To disinfect and eliminate odors in environments by applying specific shock treatments without the presence of people. Used to maintain environmental hygiene with ozone in offices, medical consultations, veterinarians, waiting rooms, nursing homes, nurseries, gyms, pharmacies, clothing stores, shops, changing rooms, lockers, changing rooms, bathrooms, etc...

Product Details

What´s included

Included in the packaging Electrical Connection Cable + User Manual
Communication Bluetooth
Ozone Generation system A 500 mgO3/h Module with ceramic dielectric. air cooled
Control Electronic control through operating mode selector and through Mobile App

Technical features

Ozone Production 500 mgO3/h
Power supply 110V, 50-60Hz
Electric Power 60 W
Dimensions 300 x 210 x 90 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Packed size 350 x 230 x 230 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Weight 3,4 Kg

Working Conditions

Room temperature 5 - 40ºC
Humidity <70%

Room fittings

The room must be well ventilated. It is recommended to install an ozone leak sensor and a sign with safety warnings in the room.

Additional Information

Made by ZonoSistem
Made in Spain
Sold from 2015
Last revision 2020
Certificates CE, BIOCIDA PT2, PT4, PT5, PT11
Warranty 2 years warranty (indefinitely extendable with a maintenance contract)
UFI number G000-W09P-Y00M-TV8V


When the equipment receives a start order, the main fan starts up, takes air from the atmosphere, filters it and introduces it inside the ozone generator. Inside the generator, the air is conducted to the generation core, where the corona discharge is applied and the oxygen is transformed into ozone to later be discharged into the environment.

Included documentation

  • Safety manual.

  • User manual, installation and commissioning.

  • Maintenance manual.

  • Declaration of Conformity.

  • Warranty Certificate.

  • Compliance with biocidal regulations.

  • Our Quality Test results.


This GX500-EB ozone generator uses high frequency corona discharge technology with ceramic dielectric.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

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