GZO40-ES Professional Ozone Generator (PENDIENTE)

Internal Reference: FABGAGZO.0009

GZO40-ES Professional Ozone Generator (PENDIENTE)

Professional Ozone Generator, with compressor, oxygen concentrator and refrigerant dryer. Ozone production of 40 gO3/h, at a concentration of 65 g/Nm3. 230V, 50-60Hz, 1.7KW.

Compact ozone generator, with air compressor and integrated Oxygen concentrator. It also includes filters, refrigerant dryer, and LOGO control. Manufactured with high quality components, ready to connect electrically and work. Robust, durable and reliable equipment.

Highly recommended
2 years warranty (expandable if you have a maintenance contract)
Manufacturing in 10-15 days

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Professional Ozone Generator

Technical specifications 

What is it used for?

This generator is mainly used for water or air treatments, which require a powerful treatment control. Ozone equipment used by professional farmers, public swimming pools, drinking water, process water, waste water, laboratories, research centres, cooling towers, etc. This ozone generator equipment is also used to eliminate odours in catering extraction hoods, towers and deodorisation


Product Details

What´s included

Ozone Generation system 40 gO3/h module with borosilicate dielectric. Air-cooled
Compressed air unit Pre-filter + Compressor + filter + refrigerator dryer
Oxygen concentrator Bicolumn / alumina - makes air 95% pure in oxygen.
Control By LOGO (set alarms and the schedule).Manual power regulation with potentiometer.
Communication ON remote wiring, Status relays (Started, Generating, Failure).
Sensors Ozone Amps / Compressed air Pressure / Oxygen Pressure / Door Opening.
Technical Valves Ozone outlet solenoid valve, oxygen flow meter with manual regulation.
Included in the packaging 4 metres of 8mm Teflon Tube + 2 metres of 10mm Polyurethane Tube + Electrical Connecting Cable + User's Manual

Technical features

Ozone Production 40 gO3/h
Ozone concentration Máxima = 100 g/Nm3
Óptima = 65 g/Nm3.
Air/Oxygen flow 10 lpm
Power supply 230V , 50-60Hz
Electric Power 1,7 W
Gas connection OUT Tube 8 mm outer diameter
Dimensions 600 x 300 x 1300 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Packed size 650 x 800 x 1500 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Weight 150 Kg

Working Conditions

Humidity <85%
Room temperature 5-35º C
Working pressure 0-0,4 bar
Source gas Oxygen is generated by the equipment itself using an ozone concentrator (PSA unit)

Room fittings

The room must be well ventilated. It is recommended to install an ozone leak sensor and post safety warnings in the room.

Additional Information

Made by ZonoSistem
Made in Spain
Sold from 2014
Last revision 2021
Certificates CE, BIOCIDA PT2, PT4, PT5, PT11
Warranty 2 years warranty (indefinitely extendable with a maintenance contract)
UFI number G000-W09P-Y00M-TV8V


This GZO ozone generator includes a LOGO control, from which you can program the time slots of the day in which you want to generate ozone, through a daily time programmer. When the equipment receives a start order, the compressor starts up, takes air from the atmosphere, filters it, dries it and introduces it into the PSA, where nitrogen is removed from the air, and oxygen is concentrated to a purity of 95%. This flow of oxygen is conducted to the generation core, where the corona discharge is applied and the oxygen is transformed into ozone. With the oxygen flow meter you can regulate the desired flow. 

Included documentation

  • Safety manual.

  • User manual, installation and commissioning.

  • Maintenance manual.

  • Declaration of Conformity.

  • Warranty Certificate.

  • Compliance with biocidal regulations.

  • Our Quality Test results.


This GZO ozone generator uses high frequency corona discharge technology with ceramic dielectric.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates

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