ZonoSitem renews and improves its laboratory for piloting water with ozone

Zonosistem has a state-of-the-art laboratory for ozone measurement and generation

Zonosistem has a state-of-the-art laboratory for ozone measurement and generation

Detail of the piling laboratory, samples and tests.

The water laboratory is not only a service for customers, but it is projected as a source of knowledge generation for the entire ozone sector in general, and with which we hope to develop viable and optimized solutions for industries and farmers.

ZonoSistem has recently invested more than €60,000 in its wastewater piloting laboratory with ozone. Specifically, it has improved the facilities, equipment, instrumentation, monitoring, safety and working methods. The objective is to improve the precision and reliability of tests carried out with ozone in wastewater. This investment has been made in accordance with ZonoSistem's strategic line of positioning itself as a leading company in ozone water treatment at a national and European level.

It should also be noted that in addition to the investment made, a new job has been created, with a qualified profile, also important for our region, so hit by unemployment.

What is a water piloting with ozone?

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and purifier, however it is difficult to predict the degree of effectiveness that it can have with the different industrial wastewater of our clients. A pilot study of water with ozone basically consists of mixing different rates of ozone with the clients' wastewater samples, on a laboratory scale, and studying the behavior of the pollutants at different contact times. In this way our clients can know:

The amounts of ozone and real and necessary contact times to reduce the pollutants in your wastewater, before making heavy investments. In other words, with professional water management, first we can know if ozone is a viable solution, second we can size the equipment and finally it allows us to design the treatment with a high degree of reliability and precision. Once all the tests are finished, we deliver to the client a detailed report with the relevant information.

There are many clients who have problems with their discharged water in their industries, problems with COD, BOD, Turbidity, color, phenols, heavy metals, phytosanitary products, pathogens, and much more. ZonoSistem has been treating wastewater with ozone for more than 15 years, and there are hundreds of success stories. It should be clarified that ozone is not always the solution, but it is true that on many occasions ozone is a viable solution, both technically and economically speaking, and therefore it should never be ruled out as an option. For these reasons, we always recommend our clients to pilot water with ozone with ZonoSistem before making heavy investments.

"A piloting of water with ozone provides security for customers before investing and peace of mind for us."

Having the necessary instruments and highly qualified personnel is essential to be able to provide a professional service.

Ozone still has a lot to contribute and at ZonoSistem, we will continue to invest actively to offer solutions to the industry in general, especially with its wastewater and the environmental impact that derives from it.