ZonoSistem manufactures an ozone generator for an important producer of jams and compotes in France

Ozone injection system (Hydro VT GRZO200-EPSF) for irrigation water treatment, in an important farm in southwestern France, this is the first equipment of the industrial range in this area.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Detail of the Ozone Generator, prior to shipment to France.

Important and well-known French businessman, producer of jams, compotes, spreads and candies, with a vast culinary career in his country, he has a large factory with 150 employees, billing millions of euros per year, even with culinary programs on television French.

He was the one who introduced us to this area of France, he made a first presentation of ozone generators in his facilities by our salesman Thomas Vautrin, with several farmers in the area who were interested in ozone, and several farmers purchased generators for atomize their crops, yielding very good results.

After verifying the results, he is going to launch his own crop with this almost lost apple variety in France, thus beginning to produce part of his raw material, in addition he has the push of the French administration, to recover an old variety native to the Gallic country.

This generator will be installed in an apple production farm of about 50 hectares, with an irrigation flow of 120 m3/h, they are trying to recover an old apple variety, the trees have been abandoned for many years, and they have developed a plan of recovery through its agronomist technicians, which consists of pruning, fertilization, etc… The water used for irrigation comes from natural pools, it is contaminated at a microbiological level, which will be conditioned to optimal levels for irrigation, thanks to this generator of industrial ozone.