GRV7-EP Industrial Ozone Generator

Internal Reference: FABGRV.0019

GRV7-EP Industrial Ozone Generator

Generador de Ozono Industrial, refrigerado por agua, tipo Virola, para trabajar a partir de LOX o PSA, Con control por PLC con pantalla táctil. Producción de ozono de 7 KgO3/h, a 148 g/Nm3. 68,25kW.

Generador de ozono de alta eficiencia con dieléctrico de borosilicato. Este generador requiere un suministro de oxígeno para producir ozono. El oxígeno puede provenir de un tanque de oxígeno líquido (LOX) o de un concentrador de oxígeno (PSA).
El equipo es robusto, duradero y fiable. Puede funcionar las 24 horas del día. Consigue altas concentraciones de ozono con un consumo eléctrico muy eficiente. Fabricado con componentes de alta calidad y montado sobre una base metálica. Está listo para ser enchufado y funcionar.
El sistema incluye una potente unidad de control: un PLC SIEMENS con pantalla táctil de 7" y con registro de datos y acceso remoto. Dispone de control total en tiempo real mediante router VPN. El equipo incluye una válvula para regulación del caudal de ozono. Incluye instrumentación de control neumática e hidráulica.

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Fabricación en 60-90 días

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Industrial Ozone Generator

Technical specifications 

What is it used for?

This ozone generator is used to carry out powerful wastewater purification and disinfection treatments (WWTP), and drinking water treatments (DWTP). It is also used in bleaching processes in the textile or paper industry, fish farms, aquariums, recovery of lakes, irrigation water, etc.

Product Details

What´s included

Ozone Generation system A ferrule of 7KgO3/h, with borosilicate dielectrics. Glycol cooled.
Oxygen concentrator Oxygen must be supplied by the customer, from LOX or PSA. The kit does not include PSA.
Refrigeration Cooling water must be supplied by the customer. The equipment does not include a chiller. You can purchase it optionally. It can also work in a closed circuit with a heat exchanger. See Accessories for recommended models.
Control By PLC with 7" SIEMENS Touch Screen. Alarm and maintenance manager. Power and flow regulation by PID loop.
Communication Wired remote ON, Status relays (Initiated, Generating, Fault), Allows ModBus communication. VPN Router included for Remote Access with Full Control.
Sensors Dew Point of incoming Oxygen. Flow, Temperature and Pressure of the resulting Ozone gas. Flow and Temperature of Refrigeration flow. Ozone leaks. Door opening.
Technical Valves Motorized oxygen inlet valve, Hand reducer with inlet filter, Proportional valve for automatic flow adjustment, Motorized outlet ozone valve. Safety valve in the ferrule.
Included in the packaging User manual

Technical features

Ozone Production 7 kgO3/h
Ozone concentration Maximum = 200 g/Nm3.
Optimum = 150g/Nm3
Power supply 380 – 460V, 3P, 50-60HZ
Electric Power 52,5 Kw
Air/Oxygen flow You need 50 Nm3/h at 2 bars at 15-25ºC
Refrigeration Flow You need 14 m3/h at 1 bar at 15-22ºC
Gas connection IN/OUT DN 32
Refrigeration connection IN/OUT IN/OUT DN 65
Dimensions Ozone Generator: 2500 x 950 x 2000 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Power unit: 2400 x 800 x 2100 mm (W x D x H)
Packed size Consult

Working Conditions

Humidity < 85 %
Room temperature 5 - 35ºC
Source gas The team needs an oxygen supply of either LOX or PSA.
Gas quality 95-99% oxygen purity, drying at -40ºC Dew Point.
Working pressure 0,6 - 1,4 bar
Quality of the water that is refrigerated Osmosis water + Glycol.
Others It admits venturi at the outlet.

Room fittings

The room must be well ventilated, and provide an extraction system in case of leaks. Install sign with safety warnings.

Additional Information

Made by ZonoSistem
Made in Spain
Sold from 2018
Last revision 2021
Certificates CE, BIOCIDA PT2, PT4, PT5, PT11
Warranty 2 years extendable indefinitely, with maintenance contract
UFI number G000-W09P-Y00M-TV8V


When the ozone generator receives a start order, it opens the inlet valve allowing oxygen to enter the equipment. The manual inlet reducer maintains the range of desired oxygen pressures. Once the pressure is regulated, the oxygen is conducted to the ozone generation shell, where the oxygen is exposed to a strong electric field that dissociates the molecule into oxygen, into free atoms. These atoms are recombined 3 by 3 creating the ozone molecule O3, a very reactive and oxidizing gas. The gas flowmeter continuously measures the ozone flow rate, and through the proportional valve it is adjusted to the desired flow rate. The power in kw of the equipment can be varied manually on the screen, or by means of an external 4-20mA signal.  

If it does not detect water flow, oxygen flow, or the cooling temperature is not adequate, the generator will give an alarm and stop for safety

Documentation included

  • Safety manual.

  • User manual, installation and commissioning.

  • Maintenance manual.

  • Declaration of Conformity.

  • Certificate of guarantee

  • Compliance with biocidal regulations.

  • Our Quality Test results.


The GRV's ozone generation technology is based on high-frequency corona discharge, with a 50,000V-resistant borosilicate dielectric. It works with voltages from 5,000 to 10,000v, and at a frequency of higher than 5khz. Made of materials with high resistance to ozone, 316L stainless steel, Viton and Teflon gaskets.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates.

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