GHBZO3-E Commercial Ozone Generator. V2

Internal Reference: FABGHBZO.0002

GHBZO3-E Commercial Ozone Generator. V2

Ozone generator with compressor, oxygen concentrator and electronic touch screen control. Ozone production of 2.5 gO3/h, at a concentration of 40 g/Nm3. 230V, 50Hz, 400W.

Powerful ozone generator, with latest technology, with electronic control and touch screen. With manual ozone power regulator, oxygen flow meter and electricity consumption meter. Start when it detects water flow. With borosilicate dielectric, air-cooled, includes piston compressor, activated alumina oxygen concentrator, particle filter. Manufactured with high quality components, ready to connect electrically and work. Robust, durable and reliable equipment.

Highly recommended
2 years warranty (expandable if you have a maintenance contract)
Manufacturing in 10 days

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Commercial Ozone Generator

Technical specifications 

What is it used for?

To disinfect water, surfaces, pipes, channels, tanks, bottling lines, rinses, flushing, surfaces, etc. Eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and moulds, also removes biofilm from pipes and filters. It can be used to inject ozone directly into a pressurized water pipe, or to bubble in small tanks or reservoirs.

Product Details

What´s included

Ozone Generation system A Module of 2.5 gO3/h with borosilicate dielectric. Air cooled
Compressed air unit Pre-filter + Compressor
Oxygen concentrator Two-column activated alumina concentrator, 95% purity
Control Electronic control with touch screen, Gas/Hydro Mode selector and automatic start when detecting water flow
Sensors Ozone Amps, Compressed Air Pressure, Oxygen Pressure, Water Flow, Ozone Leakage
Technical Valves Outlet ozone solenoid valve, Oxygen flowmeter with manual regulation
Included in the packaging 2 meters of 8mm Silicone Tube + Electrical Connection Cable + Fixing Earmuffs + Spherical Diffuser Stone + User Manual


Accessories Air handling unit, to increase the humidity range in the room up to 90%.

Technical features

Ozone Production 2,5 gO3/h
Ozone concentration Maximum = 70g/Nm3
Optimum = 40g/Nm3
Air/Oxygen flow 1 lpm
Power supply 230V, 50-60Hz
Electric Power 400 W
Gas connection OUT Tube 8 mm outside diameter
Hydraulic connection Thread 1/2" Female
Dimensions 400 x 200 x 530 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Packed size 590 x 490 x 420 mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Weight 18 kg

Working Conditions

Working pressure 0 - 0.4 bar
Humidity <65%. (See Accessories to increase range)
Room temperature 5 - 35ºC
Fluid temperature 5 - 35ºC
Allowable inlet hydraulic pressure 1 - 6 bar
Maximum output pressure drop - 6 bar at inlet: 1.9 bar at outlet.
- 5 bar at inlet: 1.8 bar at outlet.
- 4 bar at inlet: 1.7 bar at outlet.
- 3 bar at inlet: 1.2 bar at outlet.
- 2 bar at inlet: 0.7 bar at outlet.
- 1 bar at inlet: 0.2 bar at outlet.
Minimum water flow rate 2 lpm

Room fittings

The room must be well ventilated. It is recommended to install an ozone leak sensor and a sign with safety warnings in the room.

Additional Information

Made by ZonoSistem
Made in Spain
Sold from 2020
Last revision 2021
Certificates CE, BIOCIDA PT2, PT4, PT5, PT11
Warranty 2 years extendable indefinitely, with maintenance contract
UFI number G000-W09P-Y00M-TV8V


When the unit receives a start order, the compressor starts up, takes air from the atmosphere, is filtered, dries and is introduced into the PSA, where nitrogen is removed from the air, and oxygen is concentrated to a purity of 95%. This flow of oxygen is conducted to the generation core, where the corona discharge is applied and the oxygen is transformed into ozone. With the oxygen flow meter you can regulate the desired flow. After this, the ozone produced will be conducted towards the water through the venturi (Hydro Mode) or towards the place of application through the ozone gas outlet (Gas Mode).

Documentation included

  • Safety manual.

  • User manual, installation and commissioning.

  • Maintenance manual.

  • Declaration of Conformity.

  • Certificate of guarantee

  • Compliance with biocidal regulations.

  • Our Quality Test results.


This GHBZO ozone generator uses high frequency corona discharge technology with ceramic dielectric.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates.

We comply with biocidal regulations and ISO certificates.

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